BALDI/VBALDI Digi/Igate Logs

Due to duplicate packet filtering, the APRS-IS is worthless for analyzing RF APRS networks. The BALDI/VBALDI digi/igate/cross-gate is ideally positioned for RF network analysis. For the benefit of the APRS community, we've decided to publish the TNC logs for BALDI and VBALDI. You can use these logs to check the performance of your APRS station, tune your path and other settings. Now you can see what the APRS network looks like from a high digipeater site.

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[   ]aprx-rf.log.16.gz2022-08-22 06:25 3.3M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.15.gz2022-08-28 06:24 2.3M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.14.gz2022-09-04 06:25 2.7M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.13.gz2022-09-12 06:20 2.9M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.12.gz2022-09-18 06:25 706K 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.11.gz2022-09-26 06:24 3.0M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.10.gz2022-10-02 06:24 2.4M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.8.gz2022-10-16 06:25 2.5M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.7.gz2022-10-24 06:24 2.6M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.6.gz2022-10-30 06:23 2.4M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.5.gz2022-11-06 06:22 2.5M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.4.gz2022-11-14 06:24 2.8M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.3.gz2022-11-20 06:24 2.0M 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.2.gz2022-11-28 06:20 959K 
[   ]aprx-rf.log.1.gz2022-12-04 06:21 20K 
[   ]aprx-rf.log2022-12-04 18:21 22K 


BALDI/VBALDI is a dual TNC APRS digipeater, igate, and cross-gate located at 4000' elevation above Enumclaw, WA. The site has views from Olympia to Vancouver Island.

Originally, BALDI was a W2 digipeater, but due to excessive channel utilization in the Puget Sound basin, BALDI was converted to an igate and viscous digipeater. This means BALDI will only transmit if no other digipeaters receive the packet.

VBALDI is a W2 digipeater, igate, and cross-gate (with BALDI) operating on 144.350 MHz @ 9600 baud. The cross-gate feature allows users of the 144.350 MHz 9600 baud APRS network to hear packets from 144.390 MHz, and vice versa with some rate limiting (without this, packets from the 9600 baud network could easily overwhelm 144.390 MHz).

The hardware consists of a Kenwood TM-D710 with the internal TNC tuned to 144.350 MHz @ 9600 baud. The b-band of the radio is tuned to 144.390 MHz and attached to an external 1200 baud KISS TNC. The two serial cables go to a Lantronix serial-ethernet bridge, where the signals route over LAN to the igate server located in the same rack. We use the Aprx igate software to perform the digipeater, igate, and cross-gate functions.

Scott (N7FSP) is the control operator, with technical contributions from Casey (WW7CH) and Tom (KD7LXL).